Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Ramsgate Society respond to the Manston Airport DCO

Just looking at the picture above you can see that historically the people of Ramsgate are totally irresponsible 

Since I have been persuaded by various Facebook supporters of the necessity for building a massive airfreight hub at Manston and how is worth sacrificing the Thanet towns and particularly Ramsgate to prevent noise and air pollution affecting the rest of the population of the southeast The Ramsgate Society has produced their response to the Manston 2018 DCO consultation. 

This is obviously a pernicious document aimed at both preserving Ramsgate's heritage and extending the lives of OAP's living the Thanet towns. My own feeling are that sacrificing a few years off the end of the lives of old people living in Ramsgate Margate and Broadstairs is a small price to pay for increasing longevity in the rest of the southeast.

To quote RSP/RiverOak's own 2018 Non Technical Summery of their provisional environmental report:- "diseases of the heart, lungs and circulation system, mental health and wellbeing, and the overall risk of premature death." This really isn't as bad as it sounds as the particulate air pollution will most likely also give the Thanet OAPs dementia meaning they are less likely to notice.

Here in Ramsgate we have take a fairly flexible approach towards modernisation, so adding plastic double glazing to our listed buildings would seem to be a reasonable alternative to just demolishing them.

Anyway the is the link to the Ramsgate Society response

If you look at the photo above carefully you will see early members of The Ramsgate Society with their weapons concealed in musical instrument cases

Anyway enough of Manston

and a bit more on Drapers Mills in Margate

To me it looks like a castellated tower and not the remains of cogs around the top that could be used in some way rotate the cap. I can now see the picture comes from Watermills and Windmills by William Coles Finch published in 1933, vide plate, which says that it is the remains of the corporation pumping tower. I still feel that something is wrong and will have a go at it later

Here is another picture

I nearly missed Broadstiars out 
of course when it comes to sacrificing OAPs and the prevailing wind direction related to burning 10,000 tonnes of avgas it is Broadstairs that probably makes the greatest sacrifice, so is there a Broadstairs Society an have the responded to the consultation?    

I will be adding to this post as stuff comes up

Next  my day in the bookshop, no skiving off and painting for me to today, staff training inbetween pretending to work.

Writing websites was one of the training areas and here is the link to our nee sale website any criticisms gratefully received 

This is Margate in 1935, I think these people may be entertaining their dog

On the blogging front this blog is coming for its eighth anniversary and 3,000,000 visits. I have set the google hosted page counter, top right, which has the option of all time, 30 days or 7 days, to all time so we can see the 3m approaching
   I have great reservations about what internet statistics actually mean something like one of those humorous sketches where the millionth visitor comes out of the public toilet to paparazzi.

There is a new Facebook group for old pictures of Ramsgate that is worth joining if you are interested in Ramsgate history. 

Friday, 23 February 2018

Margate and the odd mill out at Drapers, a bit of a ramble

Among the fairly large amount of pictures of Thanet I have in various forms either on paper or as digital files I have a substantial digital archive of Margate ones coped by Mick Twyman.

So when it was announced that the mill had had a new cap and vane fitted I copied all of the ones of Draper’s Mills and bunged them at the end of yesterday’s blog post. I know that this isn’t a very scientific approach to history, but there they were and so there they went.

 But is this one of Draper’s Mills? Mick Twyman has labelled it as such, but like so many local historians he is unfortunately dead, so I can’t ask him. However I am pretty sure that it isn't, in fact I don't think the middle tower was a mill at all. I think it may have been some sort of defensive structure, however when you consider the gun tower at Quex it could have had a different use.

 I have a few reservations about this one too, the trouble is that once you start looking sceptically at a set of pictures, the chimney is likely to be for a steam engine to drive the mill when there isn't enough wind.

I would say the heyday of the milling would have been from about 1750 to about 1870 so there is a sense that dating stuff should be easy here in the bookshop, I did try and this seems to have resulted in further confusion.

The following pages come from a book published in 1825

Wetherspoons this evening, as the temperature was it was fairly low, I| think it was quieter thtan usual.

fairly fuzzy picture so you can't easily identify people out on such a cold night.

One of the bizarre things I saw today was when I went out during my lunch break, a fairly large group of volunteers were taking down the very small Christmas trees that appeared in Ramsgate town centre before Christmas.   

I had one of those bizarre conversations that one has nowadays with senior citizens, this one seemed to think this was council workers, five of them that is to take down 1 ft high Christmas trees.

An aspect of going of going out and taking photos with a camera as apposed my phone is unusual conversations about what I am photographing.    

The bookshop was fairly busy again today, and again I put this as much down to diminishing viable options on the non-food and clothes shopping front. here is the link to today's offerings 

I suppose you don’t really have to go back that far for there not to have been that much in terms of non-food shops, especially for ordinary people, so the recreational shopping period, which has gone trough towns, to out of town malls and now the internet is a bit of a narrow window.

Thinking back to a time of candles with most people getting up before dawn to do farm work or very manual housework I would imagine the people who lived to old age were more reluctant to bring back the old days.

I think the next series of local events will be the POW Power of Women Festival of Arts which is related to the anniversary of women getting the vote.  

Secondhand bookselling is word where I have dealt with independent female booksellers - ever since, Jean Pain in Cambridge, Mrs Gunyon in Sandwich to name a couple and while there were men at the helm, I think things were fairly equal.

The same with female authors, it's been a considerable time since major authors like the Bronte sisters had to use male pseudonyms.     

Visual art though is a strange one and painting, which I am beginning to understand a little bit has been male dominated - name your favorite women painters, it's the lack of one word names like Morisot or Emin that is striking.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

A few local pictures, bit of sketching in Refectory Kitchen in Canterbury

Pictures should expand if you click on them a bit

A quick watercolour sketch over a bacon sarni in Refectory Kitchen in Canterbury today

Here is the view for aspiring art critics

most of the day was spent buying books for the bookshop and here is the link to the ones that went out yesterday for any dedicated followers

Spotted this bird in Canterbury today
 natural history isn't my strong point - if it had pink legs I would have assumed it was a migrating flamingo

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Some old pictures of Ramsgate. Forming local government around an airfreight hub, airport and other local issues and Margate's dark satanic mills

 Pictures will expand if click on them and as you can read the weather 111 years ago, rotten.

21 Conservatives or at least something like that, May’s Marauders – I think they are interested in cuts, although cuts of what – real estate perhaps?

13 UK Independence Party, possibly hoping for? The DCO so the government can use a compulsory purchase order to buy The Manston Airport site? is that wrong? leaving the EU for Thanet?

12 Independent UK Independence Party who want to find a financial partner so the council can use a compulsory purchase order to buy The Manston Airport site. I think this was the group that started out wanting an airport so they couldn't fly to Europe, Thanet politics is a very complex issue. Anyway Bob said - no dice.

6 Labour, only six of them after Iris and her serling work resolving the issues in Ramsgate where most of the Labour vote came from.

2  Independent Party. Indipendent

2 Independent Independent Party. More independent. 

On the whole I think the important thing here is not to panic. We know the answer is 56 it's the question that's the problem 

They have to form a wosisname? Government, augment, failure, something like that, no overall wosisname? Controls.

What should we say our objectives are?




Dog poo



What do we want?

To win


Big dinners

What will we get?

Long and rather boring meetings.

After a very persuasive argument on the benefits of flying in bananas on Facebook I have now to admit to having changed my stance over Manston.

I am now inclined to favour the freight hub with Roger Gale, wosisface and RSP, I would say sacrificing a few years off the lives of the oaps in the Thanet coastal towns is a small price to for reducing pollution levels in the rest to the southeast. Getting a situation where the pollution generated by over 10,000 freight movements p.a. only arrives in the Thanet towns before it harmlessly blows over Europe. As the scientific community are coming down with the view that PM2.5s are the main cause of dementia the oaps probably wouldn’t know too much about it anyway.

To quote RSP’s 2018 Preliminary Environmental Impact Study (non technical summery) 1.1.108 “There is health evidence drawn from the scientific literature that allows potential impacts on mortality and rates of certain diseases due to changes in noise and air pollutant exposure to be predicted quantitatively (in numerical terms). The scientific evidence shows that, depending on the level of noise or air pollution concentration, these may affect diseases of the heart, lungs and circulation system, mental health and wellbeing, and the overall risk of premature death.” I do wonder how they are getting on calculating the mortality rate? “In numerical terms.”

One difficulty for me on this one is the two secondary schools in listed building in Ramsgate, two of my children are studying in one of them, of course as part of the airfreight hub planing consent (DCO special 7 card whist trump rules para 1.1.108b) we could remove the conservation zone and listed building status so they could be fitted with double glazing, Or better still demolished to make way for modern buildings.

You know another interesting aspect of the particulate pollution associated with the 10,000 freight movements which would burn at least 10,000 tonnes of avgas on the ground at Manston per year would be a reduction in fertility here in Thanet. This could go some considerable way to solving out housing problem 

And of course when you get right down to it. Do we really want people wandering around charged with a lot of healthy sperm? 

You know how some people have difficulty distinguishing between left and right, or in one embarrassing case Port and Starboard (famous twins Ransomely) with me it's, up and down.

Srewth I forgot, here are some pictures of Margate's dark satanic mills in celebration of the new cap and vein